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Canine & Feline Veterinary Breeding and Reproductive Services

The #1 cause of canine infertility is poor timing. Management of the breeding cycle helps to maximize both litter size and conception rates. Let us help you avoid complications and manage them should they arise. Our theriogenologist can help you formulate a plan focused on maintaining health and arriving at the best possible outcome.

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Canine and Feline Reproduction Services – Recent Exam Required for All Services

*Prices subject to change (updated 2/1/2024)


Initial pre-breeding exam and breeding cycle management


A pre-breeding consultation will identify a breeding plan that fits your female. Additional consultation will follow with serial progesterone testing and vaginal cytologies to identify the proper time to breed for higher conception rates. Health testing will be discussed, including Penn Hip, OFA, and genetic testing.

Tele consult – $80

Progesterone Testing

Progesterone testing


Simple blood test with same-day results. Progesterone testing is employed during breeding cycle management and C-section planning. TOSOH AIA-360 on site.

Brucella testing

Brucella testing


Brucella canis is a bacteria that can infect male and female dogs (intact and neutered). B. canis can be transmitted through semen and bodily secretions and is devastating in its effects, including sterility in male dogs and abortion in females. B. Canis is also zoonotic and able to infect humans. We therefore require testing your breeding canines 1-2 times annually to ensure negative status.

Vaginal aI

Vaginal artificial insemination


Artificial insemination of fresh or chilled semen into the vaginal cavity. Semen motility will be assessed at the time of breeding. Full semen evaluation available on request. Additional cost for semen extender if required.


Trans-cervical insemination (TCI)


Artificial insemination of fresh, chilled, or frozen semen via endoscopic visualization of the cervix and deposition of semen directly into the uterus. Semen motility will be assessed at the time of breeding. Full semen evaluation available on request.

Surgical AI

Surgical artificial insemination

$850- $1000

TCI is currently recommended over surgical insemination. Only performed with doctor approval.

Pregnancy check

Pregnancy check Ultrasound


Pregnancy checks can be done via trans-abdominal ultrasound beginning on 25-27 days post ovulation. Alternatively, pregnancy checks and puppy counts can be done via radiography the week prior to your female’s anticipated due date. An exam fee will also be charged at the time of service ($variable).

C-section planning

C-section Planning


C-sections are recommended for certain breeds that traditionally have difficulty whelping. In addition, we recommend C-sections for small litters less than 4 puppies and large litters over 10 puppies for improved neonatal survival. C-section planning typically begins on day 61 or 62 post ovulation and includes an exam, ultrasound, and progesterone check each day to determine fetal maturity and optimal timing for surgery.

Pyometra MAnagement

Medical management of pyometra


The incidence of pyometra, or bacterial infection of the uterus, increases with age in our intact females. Pyometra occur during the first 2 months following a heat cycle and can be life threatening. Depending on the systemic status of your female, pyometra can be managed medically with hospitalization or surgically via spaying.

Puppy Count

Pregnancy Check Radiographs


Radiographic views for counting puppies in utero. Puppy counts can be done via radiography the week prior to your female’s anticipated due date. An exam fee will also be charged at the time of service ($variable).

Dystocia management

Dystocia management

$440 – Variable

Females in dystocia, or difficult delivery, will be assessed. Includes an exam, radiographs and a thorough fetal viability ultrasound. Medical management or surgical management will be recommended based on diagnostic testing.

Semen collection

Semen collection and evaluation


Following semen collection, semen evaluation will include obtaining total sperm numbers, progressive motility, and morphology. This can be done for a baseline male evaluation, side-by-side breeding, semen shipment, and semen freezing.

Semen shipping

Chilled Semen shipping

$375 + shipping charges

A semen collection and full evaluation (see description above) will be performed. Semen will be processed with extender to prolong sperm viability for shipment. Semen will then be packed into a Canine Express box and shipped via FedEx for next day delivery. Shipments can be sent to any U.S. state. 24 hour notice is required prior to shipping semen – an urgent care fee will be assessed for same day service. If the dog is not a current patient, a Reproductive Exam and Brucella test will be required.

Semen freezing

Semen freezing

$624 + storage fees

A full semen collection and evaluation (see above) will be performed. Following evaluation, semen will be subjected to a freezing protocol that will ultimately result in cryopreservation of semen in liquid nitrogen indefinitely.


Frozen Semen Storage


Janssen Veterinary Clinic offers liquid nitrogen cryopreservation storage on site via signed contract.


PennHip Certification

Starting at $528

PennHIP radiographic screening evaluates the laxity of canine hips to estimate the risk of osteoarthritis (OA) or canine hip dysplasia (CHD) later in life.  Penn Hip can be done as early as 16 weeks of age. This allows breeders to make an early, informed decision as to which animals to keep for a breeding program. In all dogs, testing can be done to assess risk and instill early preventions to lessen the severity of hip disease later in life. PennHip is different from OFAs in that results are reported as an objective number and compared to other dogs of the same breed. PennHip includes an examination, sedation, 3 radiographic views, and submission to Antech Imaging Services for evaluation.


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Starting at $403

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals is an organization with an objective of establishing control programs to lower the incidence of inherited disease. A list of recommended testing by breed is available on their website. Radiographs of the hips and elbows are recommended for certain breeds to assess for hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia risk. Preliminary evaluations can be done prior to 2 years of age. For certification purposes, the animal must be at least 24 months of age. Radiographic OFA testing includes examination, sedation, 1-3 radiographic views, and submission to the OFA Foundation for evaluation.

PennHip & OFA

PennHip/OFA Combination

Starting at $627

Radiographic OFA testing includes examination, sedation, 1-3 radiographic views, and submission to the OFA Foundation for evaluation. PennHip includes an examination, 3 additional radiographic views, and submission to Antech Imaging Services for evaluation.

Reproductive industry leaders with a track record of excellence

Our reproductive center team is lead by Dr. Katie Hornberger, a Diplomate of the American College of Theriogenology (DACT).

Veterinary Theriogenology is the specialty dedicated to all aspects of animal reproductive medicine and surgery. The focus covers reproduction, obstetrics and neonatology, as well as the physiology and pathology of male and female reproductive systems.

Mission Statement

Recognizing the strong human-animal bond, Janssen Veterinary Clinic strives to provide optimal patient care and quality of life through preventative medicine, client education, respect and our commitment to excellence.






Client Testimonials

Above and beyond!

“Man. What to say! I have been to countless vets in the Indy area trying to find one that is knowledgeable, kind, attentive, and that I click with for my breeding program. I am SO thrilled with Dr. Katie and the whole Janssen team! They have been amazing since day one, Dr. Katie is awesome and goes above and beyond! I am fully committed to this vet clinic and will recommend them to everyone who adopts a baby from our program and anyone who asks for a recommendation forever more!

So excited to have found them! ❤️”

– Briahnna Scott

Far exceeded expectations

“We take pride in our breeding business and will ONLY use the best veterinary services. We have full confidence in the care our animals receive at Janssen Vet Clinic. They have far exceeded our expectations. They have taken time to teach us along the way. Additionally, they are so good to our animals and our animals LOVE the staff’s positive attention. I recommend Janssen every chance I get and am willing to drive an hour for their services.”

– Abigail Servies

Personable and professional

“Janssen Vet Clinic is always available when needed for reproductive needs. I had learned kind of last minute that we needed to ship semen and the clinic happily got us in the next morning for collection. The tech is personable and professional. She took the time to let my male acquaint himself with her. I would recommend them to anyone needing reproduction services!”

– Susan Bushrod

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